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Our kitchen remodeling team is ready to help you convert your space into a dream kitchen. You can select the cabinets, countertop, tile surfaces  with expert advice. We won’t let you go wrong but we also want the kitchen remodel to reflect your taste.


Our remodeling approach starts with you, the homeowner. An in depth interview process will take place to understand your desired needs. This concept will help lay the foundation for your dream home remodel. It will help determine your vision and budget for the project. The homeowner's needs will be established at the beginning and will continue throughout the entire remodeling process. We want to take your vision and do everything that we can, to make it a reality by creating your dream home.


Our bathroom remodeling goal is to create a luxury experience for the home owner without giving up functionality. Bathroom remodeling requires professional space managment that works for your individual needs.


The exterior features of your home protect you from the elements, provide safety and security for you and your family, and enhance curb appeal for potential resale. Grijalva can remodel, upgrade, repair, and maintain all the elements of your home exterior, to ensure they match your ideas and requirements.

Office Phone: 661.299.4767

Mobile Phone: 661.803.9811

Fax: 800.317.7629